Thursday, January 31, 2008

Upset to Say the Least

This year so far, I'm trying to stay as positive as possible here and trying to get back to myself after dealing with losing my mom last year. Well it's not working out so well. Had to go to the doctor wasn't feeling so good again. I have been trying to deal with high blood pressure since 2005 and have to say I'm not having a good time with it at all. I am allergic to alot of medicines out there and the doctors are basically giving up because they are only good for handing out prescriptions. I have tried herbal but it does good in the beginning then after awhile I guess my body gets used to it and it doesn't keep working. Well the new medicine I was on was doing so good brought my blood pressure down to 114/74 which is great knowing that it could be 165/100 which is basically very bad. Been on the medicine for almost three weeks now and I have a problem with my knee swelling for no reason at all, my feet and hands are like ice and I'm always cold and I could have on many layers and still feel cold urghhh. I look for side effects to this medicine and people are complaining that they have swelling of the joints and basically muscle cramps, oh boy just what I am experiencing and not very happy at this point.

I dedicated this year to be the year I got back to myself and I'm trying my best not to get depressed, thank god for I have an outlet in either creating jewelry or crotcheting because I would go insane just sitting here right now and keeping my leg elevaulated to bring the swelling down but I can't go on like this forever.


Beadsme said...

Oh Michele sounds as though you are having a rough time. Just wanted to say i hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

awww Michele,I'm sorry you're going through this. I know what its like, last Aug my back gave out and I couldn't do much except lay around with ice on my back and swallow pain pills. I know what you mean, it does get to a person after awhile. Hang in there girl!