Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Milestone Conquered

I haven't been doing any creating lately, my time has been filled with getting everything ready for my youngest daughter's prom and up coming graduation from high school. It was alot of work to do and I'm glad for the most part it's almost over, but sad also because she is my youngest and now I don't have any little ones in the house. They grow up so fast and you must capture every moment for a memory because once it's gone it's gone forever. Wish my mom was here to share all the excitement she used to love to do all the girly things with them and they shared alot of those together as they were growing up. Glad we have alot of memories to remember.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, I know what you are talking about. Our kids are 28 & 29and our daughter is married with 2 little boys which I am enjoying so much.But they also grow so fast, I can't believe the oldest grandson is already 5 and his brother turned 2 in Feb. Nope, you can't even blink or you'll miss something!:)