Friday, September 26, 2008

Creation of a Pair of Lovely Earrings

I was fascinated about the fact that clay can used in so many ways. After doing some research and asking a few questions, I went out and bought some to experiment on. I used white scupley III white, my mom has tin of old buttons and I used one to make a mold. With the mold I created these earrings. I painted them with a metallic silver acrylic paint, gave them an antique look and sealed them with glaze. Final result a pair of lovely earrings.
The great part is that I have the mold to make more.
When I go out with hubby antiquing on the weekends, I now will be looking for unique buttons to create more.


SendingLoveGallery said...

I love old buttons, and love what you created!

Zu-Li Designs said...

Those look great! I've tried Silver Art Clay. Still practicing though!

michele said...

Thanks for your kinds words everyone. Old buttons are hard to find, and get pricey.

Wanted to try Silver art clay also, I figured I would try this first to see if I wanted to continue, so far I find it addicting and there's so much more to learn.