Sunday, September 7, 2008

Natural Brass

With the craze to have everything look aged, what about if you're like me and like the way natural brass looks, here are some tips on how to keep your brass looking brillant. I realize that brass darken quickly just being out and open to the air but these steps can help you achieve the brillance back. First go and purchase Bar Keepers Friend, it could be found in any food shopping center or Walmart in their cleaning section. Keep scrolling down.

You can wear gloves if you prefer, I then sprinkle alittle in my sink, using a soft toothbrush I dip the toothbrush into BKF and gently brush the item, as you can see my item was darken pretty much.

I rinse with alittle soap and water and you will see the brillance right away, if you didn't get the look you want you might have to repeat until you do, doesn't take long thou. As you can see my piece came out very brillant and the details show up very nicely.

End result the creation of these lovely earrings.

It also says it good for copper, that I haven't tried yet, thanks for looking, Michele


Nicki Leigh said...

Those turned out beautifully. What an interesting and successful technique.

La Alicia said...

those look great -- great tip!!

michele said...

I tried it on copper also and it works, the only thing you need to do a few times for some reason but it worked, I was happy with the end result.