Monday, October 20, 2008

♥ What People Think ♥

When I'm making something, it is usually something that I know I would wear and most likely make it for myself also if I have extra materials. I do ask my daughter's and their friends what they think and if it's something they don't answer to right away I start all over again and make something else. I put alot of thought and time in each piece I make because I want to make sure when someone buys it they are very happy.

Here are some comments that I received after someone has received what they bought:

I absolutely love these earrings. they were sent quickly and I would order from here again

I absolutely love my earrings, they looked great in your shop and even better on me. thank you.

Beautiful earrings, thank you so much!

They are beautiful. Thank you!

Thank you for the beautiful earrings! They are gorgeous and so beautifully packaged. Thanks for making my first Etsy experience so pleasant!

So beautiful! I love them, perfect.

You're wondering why this post, well what I'm trying to say that if you don't have to rush to make something, you can take your time because someone will appreciate the time you took, and most of all it will make you happy that they are happy too.


Zu-Li Designs said...

I agree. I take my time making my jewelry also. And if one thing seems "off" I redo it. It's a pain sometimes! A "simple" pair of earrings can take a long time with all the redo's, but, I'd rather have it made right, just like you!

Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is beautiful Michele,I know as I have bought some for my daughter plus if I had the money, I'd buy more..

michele said...

Aww thanks so much Mary, you're so sweet!!