Tuesday, June 30, 2009

♥ An Honor ♥

It makes me happy to hear that when someone buys something from me that they are very pleased and happy because I know that when I make a piece I make sure I put the time and energy in each piece to make sure it's something that I would wear or even something I would give out as gifts to my family. When Victoria had purchased my earrings I knew she was a person who liked the Victorian Era. Not only was I happy that she thought of me but it made me extra happy and honored is that she was featured in a short film about a story about a Victorian pickpocket who follows a string, and collects treasures along the way and she wore my earrings. Check out her shop for great finds also.


SendingLoveGallery said...

How cool is that!? congrats to you both...and I love your victorian look creations too : )

Anonymous said...

I noticed you are listed as a friend of Ullja Kuntze, on We Love Etsy, etsylove.ning.com/profile/ulljas

You may want to research her online activities and decide if you REALLY want to associate your name with hers. She was kicked off of etsy AND artfire.

You can start by googling Ullja Fraud, and also find lots of background information at www.ulljas.com . She's not a nice character. :-(