Monday, March 8, 2010

Something To Be Happy About

Don't you like when you picture something in your head, you must sketch it out right away thou. Well I had this design in my head for awhile now and I finally was able to get it done and was pretty happy with the outcome of the design. Placing the pen point rhinestones was the part that took most of my time being they were so small. Click the image to see more of the details, thanks!


TheBrassHussy said...

Michele, this is gorgeous! I love all the texture!

Michele said...

Thanks :) Debbie!!

enn ;) said...

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Aunty Pol said...

That is beautiful.

My ex husband used to do lapidary work and I collect unset faceted stones. Friends ask me why I don't use them but it's a leap of faith to commit a stone to a vision with out the talent that you have Michelle.

I am happy just be the client/consumer so it's a win win win.

Waves from Houston

Aunty Pol

Michele said...

Why thank you so much, I hope you're very happy with it, it sure is a beauty.

Katie Elizabeth said...

This is adorable! I love the design so much. You are extremely talented :)

xo katie elizabeth